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VCWE Pay Per View Results

Virtual Bash I

WrestleFest 2008
Demolition Derby 2008
Halloween Madness 2008
Thanksgiving Massacre 2008
Christmas Chaos 2008
One Man Standing 2009
Hardcore Havok 2009
Virtual Bash I
Spring Fever 2009
Operation Zero 2009
King of the VCWE 2009
Golden Opportunity 2009
WrestleFest 2009
Demolition Derby 2009
One Night Only 2010
Virtual Bash II
Operation Zero 2010
King of the VCWE 2010
Golden Opportunity 2010
WrestleFest 2010
Demolition Derby 2010
Halloween Madness 2010
Thanksgiving Massacre 2010
Christmas Chaos 2010
One Man Standing 2011
Hardcore Havok 2011
Virtual Bash 3
Spring Fever 2011
Operation Zero 2011
King of the VCWE 2011
Golden Opportunity 2011
WrestleFest 2011
Demolition Derby 2011
Halloween Madness 2011
Thanksgiving Massacre 2011
Christmas Chaos 2011
One Man Standing 2012
Hardcore Havok 2012
Virtual Bash 4
Spring Fever 2012
Operation Zero 2012
King of the VCWE 2012
Golden Opportunity 2012
WrestleFest 2012
Demolition Derby 2012
Halloween Madness 2012
Thanksgiving Massacre 2012
Christmas Chaos 2012
One Man Standing 2013
Hardcore Havok 2013
Virtual Bash 5
Spring Fever 2013
Operation Zero 2013
King of the VCWE 2013
Golden Opportunity 2013

March 15, 2009
New York City, New York

Interpromotional 3 Team Sudden Death Tag Team Match
Abyss and Shawn Michaels defeated Rey Mysterio & Sting and Big Show & Kevin Nash
Evan Bourne, Suicide, The Great Khali, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Jarrett defeated Jack Swagger, Umaga, JBL, Mr. Kennedy, and Mark Henry with Tony Atlas
Steel Cage Match
AJ Styles defeated Kurt Angle
9 Man Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Vladimir Kozlov defeated Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, The Brian Kendrick with Ezekiel Jackson, Montel Vontavious Porter, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Consequences Creed, and Matt Hardy
VCWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
John Cena defeated Booker T with Sharmell
Triple Threat Match for the VCWE North American Championship
Christian defeated Chris Jericho and Rhino
VCWE Television Championship Match
Big Daddy V defeated Edge
VCWE Championship Match
Kane defeated Batista
Undertaker defeated Triple H
Interpromotional Non Title Triple Threat Diva's Match
Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed defeated Maryse and ODB
30 Man Gimmick Battle Royal
Haku defeated Kamala, George "the animal" Steele, Nikolai Volkoff, Brutus "the barber" Beefcake, Irwin R. Schyster, Hillbilly Jim, Gillberg, Michael Hayes, Brother Love, Butch Miller, Luke Williams, The Iron Sheik, Tugboat, Duke "the dumpster" Droese, The Brooklyn Brawler, The Honky Tonk Man, Doink the Clown, Jim "the anvil" Neidhart, One Man Gang, The Repo Man, The Dynamite Kid, Tatanka, Marty Jannetty, Arn Anderson, The Goon, The Gobbeldy Gooker, Harley Race, Greg "the hammer" Valentine, and Tito Santana
VCWE Heavyweight Championship Match
Jeff Hardy defeated Shelton Benjamin

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