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Welcome to VCWE,
This is the homepage to the Virtual Championship Wrestling Entertainment Website.  On this Website, you'll be reading about storylines, answering trivia questions, earning points, and having a fun time.
I'll post the rules on another page, please look at them and follow them.  This site is meant to be fun and a bit challenging.  I know you'll have fun on this Website.
Please let everyone you know about this site and let this site grow into a huge community.  This Website will be fun and everyone that participates will be able to see the storylines, trivia, and be able to earn points as well.
Good luck to everyone that joins and let the best man or woman win.
Scotty McCoy.
Your Webmaster.

This Website is split into three rosters.  They are:
1. Extreme
2. Victory
3. Impact
There will be different superstars for each roster.  I'll explain all of the rules on another page.  Please follow the rules, as they'll tell you what you can and cannot do on the Website.  I hope everyone has fun.
Scotty McCoy.

Below is my Guestbook.
Please sign the Guestbook and let me and all of the members/visitors know what you think about the Website.  You may also view the other entries left by other members/visitors of the Website.



I hope everyone has fun at my Website.  This is meant to be fun and have everyone pick rosters, earn points, read storylines, and answer trivia.  Good luck everyone and have a great and fun time.
Scotty McCoy.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at the email address below:

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