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This is the roster of the Victory brand.  You may pick all 15 of your superstars from this roster, or you may pick some from this roster and some from the other two rosters.  Remember that you can only pick 15 superstars, not 15 from each roster.


Awesome Kong:  1,200 points (VCWE Bimbo's Champion)
Boogeyman:  325 points
Brie Bella:  200 points
Brother Devon:  340 points
Brother Ray:  340 points
Carlito:  415 points
Chavo Guerrero:  330 points
Chris Jericho:  800 points
Christian Cage:  950 points (VCWE North American Champion)
Cody Rhodes:  495 points
Crystal Louthan:  425 points (Backstage Interviewer)
Curry Man:  100 points
Eric Young:  200 points
Ezekiel Jackson:  140 points (Bodyguard of The Brian Kendrick and Active Wrestler)
Goldust:  120 points
Hermie Sadler:  135 points (Color Commentator)
Jacqueline:  140 points (Manager of Beer Money and Active Wrestler)
James Storm:  225 points
Jay Lethal:  275 points
Jeff Hardy:  770 points
Jerry "the king" Lawler:  175 points (Color Commentator)
Jim Ross:  145 points (Play by Play Commentator)
John Morrison:  335 points
JTG:  505 points (VCWE Tag Team Champion)
Kofi Kingston:  635 points
Maria:  215 points
Matt Striker:  75 points
Michelle McCool:  295 points
Mike Knox:  235 points
Natalya:  245 points
Nikki Bella:  135 points
Raisha Saeed:  430 points (Manager of Awesome Kong and Active Wrestler)
Randy Orton:  1,100 points
Rey Mysterio:  785 points
Rhino:  735 points
Ricky Ortiz:  165 points
Robert Roode:  310 points
Shad:  550 points (VCWE Tag Team Champion)
Shark Boy:  155 points
Sheik Abdul Bashir:  165 points
Shelton Benjamin:  2,140 points (VCWE Heavyweight Champion)
So Cal Val:  95 points (Manager of Sonjay Dutt and Active Wrestler)
Sonjay Dutt:  215 points
Sting:  880 points
Ted DiBiase:  435 points
The Brian Kendrick:  470 points
The Miz:  295 points
Theodore Long:  310 points (General Manager)
Tiffany:  145 points (Assistant General Manager)
Todd Grisham:  485 points (Backstage Interviewer)
Traci Brooks:  90 points
Triple H:  1,220 points
Undertaker:  1,000 points

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