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This is the roster for the Extreme brand.  You can pick 15 of any of these superstars, or pick a few of these superstars and some from the other two rosters.  Remember that you can only pick 15 total, not 15 from each roster.


Abyss:  1,060 points
AJ Styles:  865 points
Alicia Fox:  290 points (Manager of Edge)
Batista:  1,700 points (VCWE Champion)
BG James:  110 points
Big Daddy V:  1,565 points (VCWE Television Champion)
Charlie Haas:  110 points
CM Punk:  855 points
Curt Hawkins:  980 points (VCWE World Tag Team Champion)
DJ Gabriel:  115 points
Dolph Ziggler:  90 points
Doug Williams:  45 points
Edge:  1,310 points
Eve Torres:  425 points (Backstage Interviewer)
Finlay:  530 points
Hernandez:  370 points
Homicide:  345 points
Hornswoggle:  255 points
Hurricane Helms:  260 points
Jamie Noble:  135 points
Jeremy Borash:  475 points (Backstage Interviewer)
Jim Cornette:  130 points (Assistant General Manager)
Jimmy Wang Yang:  75 points
Kane:  920 points
Katie Lea Burchill:  110 points (Manager of Paul Burchill and Active Wrestler)
Kizarny:  75 points
Kung Fu Naki:  180 points
Kurt Angle:  1,240 points
Layla:  60 points
Manu:  310 points
Maryse:  265 points
Matt Hardy:  615 points
Matt Morgan:  650 points
Melina:  135 points
Mercedes Steele:  60 points
Mickie James:  690 points (VCWE Lady's Champion)
Mike Adamle:  125 points (Play by Play Commentator)
Mike Tenay:  135 points (Color Commentator)
Paul Burchill:  180 points
Primo:  165 points
Rhaka Khan:  270 points
R-Truth:  615 points
Ryan Braddock:  250 points
Scott Steiner:  405 points
Scotty Goldman:  260 points
Shawn Michaels:  750 points
Snitsky:  980 points
Tanahashi:  45 points
Taylor Wilde:  150 points
Tazz:  195 points (Color Commentator)
Tomko:  435 points
Victoria:  580 points
Volador:  45 points
William Regal:  255 points (General Manager)
Zack Ryder:  1,065 points (VCWE World Tag Team Champion)

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