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This page is where you answer the trivia questions.  They are worth 10 points a piece and there will be 10 questions.  If there will be more questions or points awarded for the trivia, then it will be noted in the News area.

Here are this week's Trivia questions.  Please fill out the form and I'll grade your answers.  Results will be posted on Sunday, with the new set of trivia questions being posted.  All Trivia question answers MUST be in before Saturday at 11:59 at night.
Here are the 24th set of Trivia questions.  There is 25 questions for 10 points per question, for the total being 250 points.  Good luck!
Theme:  WWE Management
Next Trivia Posted:  Sunday, January 18, 2009
Next Week's Theme:  Top 20 Professional Wrestling Companies

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Last Name
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1. Who is the Chairman of the WWE?
2. Who is the CEO of the WWE?
3. Who is the Executive Vice President of the WWE?
4. Who is the Executive Vice President of Creative Writing, Talent Relations, and Live Events of the WWE?
5. Who is the Director of Public Relations and National Media of the WWE?
6. Who is the Senior Vice President of Talent Relations of the WWE?
7. Who is the Head Writer for the Raw Brand?
8. Who is the Head Writer for the Smackdown Brand?
9. Who is the Head Writer for the ECW Brand?
10. Who are the Raw Commentators?
11. Who are the Smackdown Commentators?
12. Who are the ECW Commentators?
13. Who is the Raw Ring Announcer?
14. Who is the Smackdown Ring Announcer?
15. Who is the ECW Ring Announcer?
16. Who is the Timekeeper for the WWE?
17. Who is the Interviewer for Smackdown?
18. Who is the Director of Digital Media Content for the WWE Website?
19. Who is the Editor of WWE 24/7?
20. Who is the Host for WWE Bottom Line, WWE Specials, and WWE Pay Per View Preshows?
21. Who is the WWE Music Director?
22. Who are the three Spanish Commentators?
23. Who is the WWE Physician?
24. Who is the General Manager of Smackdown?
25. Who is the General Manager of ECW?

Here are the correct answers for last week's trivia:
1. What is George Steele’s nickname? The Animal
2. What is Greg Valentine’s nickname? The Hammer
3. What is Tazz’s nickname? The Human Suplex Machine
4. What is The Great Khali’s nickname? The Punjabi Playboy
5. What is Brutus Beefcake’s nickname? The Barber
6. What is Andre the Giant’s nickname? The Eighth Wonder of the World
7. What is Chyna’s nickname? The Ninth Wonder of the World
8. What is Buddy Rose’s nickname? Playboy
9. What is Buddy Rogers’ nickname? Nature Boy
10. What is Rocky Johnson’s nickname? Soulman
11. What is Ken Shamrock’s nickname? The World’s Most Dangerous Man
12. What is JBL’s nickname? The Wrestling God
13. What was Owen Hart’s nickname? The Rocket and King of Harts
14. What is Bret Hart’s nickname? Hitman
15. What is Dusty Rhodes' nickname? The American Dream
16. What is Jimmy Snuka’s nickname? Superfly
17. What is Jesse Ventura’s nickname? The Body
18. What is Billy Graham’s nickname? Superstar
19. What is Ivan Putski’s nickname? The Polish Hammer and The Polish Power
20. What is Randy Savage’s nickname? Macho Man
21. What is Lex Luger’s nickname? The Narcissist and The Total Package
22. What is Mark Henry’s nickname? World’s Strongest Man
23. What is Duke Droese’s nickname? The Dumpster
24. What is Steve Blackman’s nickname? The Lethal Weapon
25. What is Jake Roberts' nickname? The Snake


The Undeadman:  230 points
Raidersfan20:  210 points
ChrisBeniot:  250 points
_Brooke:  230 points
Dead Man Walking:  240 points
thegreatone:  230 points

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