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This is the roster for the Impact brand.  You may pick your 15 superstars from this brand or you may pick some from this brand and some from the other two.  Remember that you can only pick 15 superstars, not 15 superstars from each roster.


Alex Shelley:  205 points
Angelina Love:  225 points
Beth Phoenix:  850 points (VCWE Female's Champion)
Big Show:  1,070 points
Booker T:  1,310 points (VCWE World Heavyweight Champion)
Candice Michelle:  245 points
Chris Sabin:  205 points
Christy Hemme:  115 points (Manager of The Rock N Rave Infection and Active Wrestler)
Consequences Creed:  285 points
Deuce:  165 points
DH Smith:  195 points
Don West:  135 points (Color Commentator)
Evan Bourne:  840 points
Festus:  510 points (VCWE North American Tag Team Champion)
Gail Kim:  245 points
Hacksaw Jim Duggan:  155 points
Hardcore Holly:  600 points (VCWE No Holds Barred Champion)
Jack Swagger:  550 points
Jeff Jarrett:  610 points
Jesse:  510 points (VCWE North American Tag Team Champion)
Jillian Hall:  130 points
Jimmy Rave:  165 points
John "Bradshaw" Layfield:  710 points
John Cena:  835 points
Kaz:  705 points
Kelly Kelly:  130 points
Kevin Nash:  630 points
Kute Kip:  125 points
Lance Rock:  165 points
Lauren Thompson:  395 points (Backstage Interviewer)
Lena Yada:  385 points (Backstage Interviewer)
Mark Henry:  705 points
Michael Cole:  135 points (Play by Play Commentator)
Mick Foley:  125 points (Color Commentator)
Montel Vontavious Porter:  790 points
Mr. Kennedy:  630 points
ODB:  265 points
Petey Williams:  200 points
Ranjin Singh:  145 points (Assistant General Manager)
Ron Simmons:  255 points
Roxxi:  115 points
Samoa Joe:  1,030 points
Santino Marella:  245 points
Sharmell:  465 points (Manager of Booker T)
The Great Khali:  895 points
Tommy Dreamer:  145 points
Tony Atlas:  210 points (Manager of Mark Henry)
Umaga:  665 points
Velvet Sky:  240 points
Vickie Guerrero:  240 points (General Manager)
Vladimir Kozlov:  1,150 points

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